Christmas Holidays Intensives Program

Totally Technique Ascot State School Christmas Holidays Intensives Program

Expressions of interest: Three weeks to choose from over the Christmas Holiday break:

Hello all. Firstly I would like to say a huge thank for making me feel so welcomed into the club, it has made my transition so much nicer and easier. I have been blown away by the lovely little community down at the pool, the mum’s, dads, grandparents and guardians alike, you are all such a wonderful bunch of people who help to bring warmth and welcomeness into the club and I personally can’t thank you enough.

Well the term is sadly almost at an end and a lot of you will be heading away for Christmas, for those of you who are, please, safe travels. To the children I coach and all the children that attend our swim school, thank you for your hard work and effort in the pool. It has been a journey and I can honestly say that I am so impressed with how far your little ones have come in the space of a few short weeks, give yourselves a pat on the back.

Swimming doesn’t have to end there though. Totally Technique Swim Club is looking at holding 3 separate weeks of Holiday Intensive classes during the Christmas School Holidays. One lesson each morning for 5 consecutive days.

To make these lessons happen and so we can advise the school and your teachers, we would need to know if you are wishing to join the December Intensive classes by the end of swimming next week (Friday 7th December). We understand that the January classes are a few weeks away and you may not be sure of your movements at this point in time so for your expression of interest for these lessons we have set a cut-off date to be back to us by Friday the 11th January.

Intensive lessons are a fantastic way to fast track your child’s swimming abilities. It is so very important that your little one is safe in the water especially with the warmer holiday weather upon us. Imagine 5 weeks’ worth of lessons rolled into one week (if your child only attends lessons once a week) with consistent repetitive teaching every day for 5 days. This method of teaching has proven its worth many times over and how beneficial they are to young swimmers hence the reason every club offers them during holiday breaks. By the end of the 5 intensive lessons you can observe just how much improvement your child has made as they remember so much more with daily lessons.

Lesson dates:

Monday 17th December through to Friday the 31st December 2018

Monday 14th January through to Friday the 18th January 2018

Monday 21st January through to Friday the 25th January 2018

Lesson times:

Beginner classes – 8.30am – 9.00am

Intermediate 1 Classes – 9.00am – 9.30am

Intermediate 2 classes – 9.30am -10.00am

Mini Squad/s – 8.30am – 9.15am

Junior Squad/s – 8.30am – 9.30am

**Please note – more Beginner, Inters 1 and Inters 2 classes/times will be added if we have high enrollment numbers **

Lesson costs:

The usual cost of 5 lessons is $82.50

The cost for the Holiday Intensive program for one week is only $66.00 (One lesson is free of charge)

**All lessons must be attended and no make-up classes will be offered if they cannot attend a class unless the weather is not favourable then another lesson will be granted. You do, however have the option of doing one or two classes at the usual cost of $16.50 if you would like your child to just attend a couple of extra lessons if you cannot make all 5 in one week**

To enroll please reply to this email remembering to state the dates of the class/es you wish your child to attend


Warmest regards

Suzie Spatny

Aquatics Coordinator – Totally Technique


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